3 Simple Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it – nobody really enjoys cleaning, at least not every day, even if you’re being paid for it!

But there are many remarkably easy and simple cleaning tips and tricks that can get even the most boring of house chores done in a breeze.

We list 3 simple cleaning tips for tackling some regular, boring and tough-to-do house cleaning tasks.

Make your Hardwood Floors Gleam

What’s better for your precious hardwood floors then a safe, chemical-free homemade cleaner?

Mix equal parts vinegar, alcohol and water with a few drops of dishwashing detergent mixed in, grab your Swiffer mop or any microfibres cloth, and tackle that waxy buildup and the ugly streaks in your hardwood floors.

You can forget about costly chemicals and make your entire house shine with this efficient stain-removing hardwood cleaner.

The best part about this homemade floor cleaner is that it hardly costs anything, is Eco-friendly to boot and makes cleaning so easy!

Make Your Granite Countertops Shine

The best way to clean granite countertops does not involve Windex or a special granite-specific cleaner.

All you need is – some warm water, a gentle dishwashing soap, a wash cloth, one clean microfibre cloth or a terry cloth towel and isopropyl alcohol – which is kind of an optional thing.

Step 1 – Fill up your sink with warm soapy water and wet your washcloth properly.

Step 2 – Wipe down your granite countertops and remove all spills and/or crumbs.

Step 3 – Then dry the area using a microfibre cloth and buff away till there are no streaks and the granite is clean.

Step 4 – Make your countertop shine and germ-free by disinfecting with a solution of isopropyl alcohol and water.

That’s it – your granite countertops are officially beautiful again.

Make Your House Super Clean With Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

Going green doesn’t sound like an inexpensive option but nothing could be further from the truth. We have for you here a simple, super cheap TLC cleaning solution made with just your pantry supplies.

What you need to do is grab a jar of lemon (or any other citrus fruit) rinds and soak them in white distilled vinegar for at least two weeks. Then simply strain it and dilute it with water in equal parts. Fill your lemon-infused vinegar water mix into a spray bottle and tackle any grease, scum, dirt, soap scum etc., as literally any kind of grime and debri can be dealt with it – that’s how effective it is!

These 3 simple cleaning tips should help you many areas of your home squeaky clean and germ-free.

Features Of a Quality Plantar Fasciitis Compression Sleeve


If you are an athlete or perhaps, an employee working all day while standing, it is highly likely that you suffer from regular foot pain. This is as a result of worn muscle tissues in the fascia tendon – a condition affecting millions globally. If you fall under this category, your safest bet lays in wearing a plantar fasciitis compression socks such as RiptGear plantar socks.

Generally speaking, these sleeves are open-toe socks designed to relive foot pain, swelling and discomfort emanating from torn muscles. Unlike other treatment aids such as night splints or fasciitis braces, the sleeves are really easy on the feet thanks to their light-weight nature and optimal comfort. Here are some of the features that combine to make up for a quality plantar fasciitis compression sleeve.

Features of a Plantar Fasciitis Compression Sleeve

Six Zones Of Compression Support – Any quality sleeve worth its salt will come with six compression zones intended at relieving all muscles within the tendon. The first zone which is the area right above the toes should have light compression defined by a smooth and flat closure. The second and third zones are designed with moderate and firm compression respectively, intended at supporting the foot structure, lifting the plantar fascia and more importantly, boosting the venous-flow. The fourth zone – the area around the ankle – has moderate compression for enhanced support, while the fifth and sixth have firm compression to lift the fascia, and light compression for a snug fit; respectively.

Graduated Compression – As you may have gathered from the above feature, a quality plantar fasciitis sleeve should boast graduated compression intended at enhancing circulation within the foot. In short, every part within the sleeve should feel different; with each zone serving its specific purpose to relieve pain.

Breathability – As is the case with all premium socks and sleeves in this case, a quality compression sleeve is designed from state-of-the-art synthetic material that enhances breathability. This is a paramount feature often overlooked by most.

Comfort – If you are standing all day, you obviously want socks or sleeves that are highly comfortable. If the prospective sleeve you want to invest in doesn’t feel right, it would certainly be in your best interest to find something that fits perfectly.

RiptGear Plantar Fasciitis Compression Foot Sleeves


In a nutshell, plantar fasciitis compression sleeves have proven to be the ideal form of treatment when it comes to the condition. We boast an infinite array of quality products in the niche, ranging from socks to sleeves and more. Visit our website for more information.

Reduce High Blood Pressure Immediately

It is impossible to reduce high blood pressure immediately, but some tips can help you achieve faster results. You can have lower blood pressure and better health. Visit bpmonitoradvisor for more info.

Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure

Exercise benefits your blood circulation, heart efficiency, and lung capacity. These factors together lower blood pressure. Choose a form of cardiovascular exercise you enjoy. Exercise for at least one-half hour every day.

Reduce Sodium In Your Diet

Reduce High Blood PressureSodium increases blood pressure. Table salt is not the only place you will find sodium. Meals you have in restaurants, processed foods, prepackaged foods, and canned goods are all high in sodium. When you want to reduce your blood pressure quickly, avoid sodium wherever possible.

Learn About Stress Reduction

Stress causes blood pressure to increase. While you should avoid stress whenever you can, stress is not always avoidable. This is when stress-reduction techniques can be useful. Practice some relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation. You can also find activities that help you relax. A warm bath, reading a book, or taking a walk are examples to try.

Give Up Habits That Affect Your Blood Pressure

There are some habits that are unhealthy in general, and they can also affect your blood pressure. Reduce or eliminate caffeinated beverages from your diet. Reduce or eliminate your consumption of alcohol. Stop smoking, and do not use other tobacco products. If you find you cannot give up a habit, ask your doctor for help.

Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep deprivation can contribute to high blood pressure. You can reduce high blood pressure by making sleep a priority. Aim for eight hours of restful sleep each night. It is easier to give up late night parties and activities than to cope with the effects of high blood pressure. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, try a relaxation technique. It will not reduce high blood pressure immediately, but you will have results.

DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets

If you like using wool dryer balls and don’t want to purchase them, you can learn to make your own. They are great for using up leftover wool yarn or you can repurpose those old wool sweaters and coats, instead of throwing them out. Just make sure that you are using 100% wool. You can also use other animal hair items, such as alpaca or cashmere. If you are recycling old wool sweaters, cut them into thin strips for this project. Making your own wool balls is cheaper than buying them and you can make extra ones to give away as gifts. These homemade wool dryer balls will quickly become your go to dryer sheet. So, stop spending money on those costly dryer sheets and make your own with these simple steps:

What You’ll Need

  • Wool yarn (100% wool yarn or wool fabric strips)
  • Cotton string
  • Panty hose or a tube sock
  • Dryer
  • Large Pot

DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets

Bind the Wool

First, you need to bind your wool yarn or wool fabric into a ball. Take your yarn or fabric and wrap it around your fingers. Change directions frequently, so that your ball forms a nice round shape. Your ball should be at least two and a half inches in diameter. If you are eyeballing the size, it should be close to the same size as a tennis ball. Once your ball is the correct size, you need to anchor the end piece. You can do this by weaving it under a few strands of yarn. Just make sure it is in place before beginning the next step. Make as many of these balls as you wish and then proceed.

Boil the Wool Balls

Once you have made all of your wool balls, place them into your panty hose or tube sock. Take a small strand of string and tie, in between each ball, to separate them. Place the sock or panty hose into a large pot of water. Bring the water to a rolling boil. Once the water is boiling, turn off the burner and allow the water to cool completely. Let your wool balls soak during this time.

Dry and Repeat

When the water has cooled, remove the filled sock from the pot. Squeeze out as much water as you can and place in the dryer. Do not untie the strings yet. After they have completely dried, remove from the dryer and cut the strings. The wool balls will have shrunk and appear fuzzy. This is the felting process. These balls will be the core of your dryer balls. Using the core, repeat the process and the result will be your final product. When wrapping the cores the second time, make sure the ball is at least three and a half inches in diameter. It will shrink to the proper size when it felts. Now you have perfect reusable “dryer sheets” that hardly cost a thing! These dryer balls will last for years and when you need more you can easily make them yourself.

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